Friday, December 23, 2011

Pregnancy Service Stripes AKA Stretch marks!

This is a beautiful post written by one of our patients. There is a link to her blog also.

Saturday, December 17, 2011
Pregnancy Service Stripes
In the past year I have grown, changed, been dealt a hand of cards I didn't know how to play. I went from being just a girl who did her own thing, to a woman that's a mother.

In a year, my entire life changed. I absolutely love it and could not be more thankful for it. But I do have a few laughs every now and then at my view of things. For example, I thought I wasn't going to get stretch marks.

Stretch marks. I'd like to call them Pregnancy Service Stripes, a cute term I heard on the internet months prior to Liam's birth. At first, I hated them. I despised them. I didn't want to get pregnancy pictures done because I had so many of them. But as time grew on, I shed those fears, and began to strut my stuff.

As a kid, I grew up thinking stretch marks were from people getting too fat. Isn't that funny? I mean, I've seen people whose stomachs looked like Edward Scissorhands got to it. And as a pregnant woman I found myself worrying about that happening. Turns out, there was nothing that was going to prevent me from getting them. For one thing, I'm super short. So my poor baby had nowhere to go but out. And during the the growth spurts he had inside of the womb, my poor skin had no time to adjust.

I put on Bio-Oil, Burts Bees, Lotion, I stayed hydrated and all. I did whatever I could to make sure that my stomach remained as it was before. Who the hell was I kidding? Not only does it look like my cat went to town on my stomach, but I now have this flab of skin that won't go away.

But now, I don't mind showing off my stomach. Because my body has done a beautiful thing. It has sustained life within it. It has grown a human. Sure, a farmer can plant seeds and grow a field of corn with the right amount of sunshine and water...but isn't the ground, the very soil in the earth that grows his corn? Have you ever seen soil after it grows a field of corn? It is demolished and takes time to go back to what it used to look like. I'm not comparing pregnancy to growing corn..(or even if I am)..stretch marks are not something to run from.

Every mark on my stomach is a service stripe of pregnancy. It is a reminder of the great things I have done. There's one for every hour of labor, every week full of heartburn, every pound I gained..and every ounce of my body I gave for my child to be able to come into this world. They have been angry, red, long and itchy, but I have grown to love them as part of my body now.

With that said, I want fellow women to appreciate their Pregnancy Service Stripes. I want them to love their bodies for the miracles they withhold or withheld within them. I want them to love their marks, because it just means they are that much stronger.

Because I have grown a pair, I am going to post a picture of my Service Stripes. I hope ya'll don't mind the image.

This is me 9 months Pregnant. About 40 weeks here. I put myself in a bikini and went to the pool.

And this is 4 months Post Partum...

Yes, I would do it all again. The Miracle of life is worth it. Even if my little brother points at my stomach and stares in awe. Heck, once he even asked if he could show his friends. (Scowls).
Posted by Jillian, Liam's Mommy at 2:41 PM

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Midwifery Week

We cannot believe our luck we get to do the job we love, in a community that welcomes us, with a fantastic bunch of doctors, in supportive hospitals ……. Somebody pinch us!
As a fully functioning midwifery practice we got to spend midwifery week with, past, present and future clients their family and friends and colleagues from the birth community. A truly emotional and inspirational evening was spent and we came away feeling truly valued. Thank you.
J,B &D

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bears Birth With Belinda

Introducing: Bear Hancock Baxter

8 pds 9 oz. 22 inches long. born 6-23-2011 at 4:42 pm

This is his birth story:

We are thrilled to have Bear with us and even more happy that we are all healthy!
Monday night I started having contractions (after taking Caster oil, I was desperate I tell you!) The contractions started around mid-night and lasted all night. They were about every 8-10 minutes from midnight to 2am. Then they were about every 5 minutes 2am-5am. They were strong but I was able to breath though them and sleep in between some so I didn't bother going to the hospital or calling because I wanted to labor as much as I could at home. At about 6am I called Janice and she told me that Belinda would be on call at 7 and asked if I wanted to wait until then. I was happy to wait and called Belinda at 7. She asked if I wanted to go to the hospital or go to her office first to see if it was real. I decided to wait a little longer and go to the office at 8am when it opened to make sure they were real. From 7am-8am they were like clockwork and exactly 5 minutes apart and getting stronger, which made Logan and I get more excited... but the second I got into the car and drove to the office was the last of any contractions I had for the day. When I got to the office and was hooked up to the monitor and didn't feel anything or show any more signs of labor I was devastated! When Belinda walked in to check on me I just started balling, I couldn't believe that I had had them ALL night long and that they could just disappear like that. I was convinced that Bear was "camera shy" and that I would never go into labor by myself. (I know Caster oil isn't "by myself" but it’s better that being induced at a hospital!) She was super sweet and said all the right things and sent me on my way. 

Tuesday was pretty normal, maybe one or two contractions, but nothing significant. Even though I took caster oil AGAIN! What is totally weird though, is that it didn't even do what it is made to do even though I took the recommended amount, in fact a lot of people told me it would make me dehydrated. But like most pregnancies I was constipated the whole time, all it did was make me regular. I wish I had taken it my whole pregnancy! ;)

So Wednesday (my due-date) My husband went about the day normally. That night I slept very peacefully with no contractions and woke up at about 9 with a strong contraction. I had them every 5 minutes until ten and even though they weren't very strong I headed to the hospital because I wasn't going to let them disappear before I got there! I drove myself and my husband stayed at home with Bou so we could make sure I was going to stay there before worrying about getting a babysitter. 

I got there at about 10:30 and was monitored for about 30 minutes. They told me that my contractions were too small to be admitted and let me walk the halls for an hour to see if it would help them to get stronger. At 12 I was checked again and told that I was a 3, maybe 4 and that I was going to be sent home because nothing was happening. To which I said, “heck no! I'm not going home, your gonna have to do better than that!” After the nurse laughed at me she called Belinda so said she could give me 2 sets of gels and see if they would do the trick. I called my husband and told him I wasn't going home and that he should call a babysitter and head over. He got there at about 1 and as soon as he did I went into full-blown labor. The nurse didn't even give me the second set of gels and recommended that I be admitted because I was having all back-labor. I was sent to a room where I was able to get into the birthing pool and relax a little better. I didn’t’ really like the tub because I wasn’t able to ge in the position I liked because of the back labor. Otherwise I know I would have loved it. I wanted to go natural really bad and my nurse knew it but around 3:45 I was dying at asked for an epidural. 

My GENIUS nurse must have realized that I hit transition and asked if I wanted to be checked before I decide for sure because I might be an 8 and she could break my water and then it would go even faster. I was totally fine in-between contractions and even had about 3 minutes break each time so that sounded really good. She was right and I was an 8! Belinda broke my water and 20 minutes later I wanted to push. I pushed through about 2 contractions squatting, which I didn't like so I tried laying on my side. I pushed though about 4 contractions on my side and didn't like that either so I asked for a mirror and pushed on my back though 2 more and out he popped!

My husband was able to "catch" him and I was so unbelievable proud of myself for doing it natural, and even more surprised that I was able to do it even though ALL my contractions were in my back. It was the most amazing and intense pain I have ever had in my life. What I was most surprised about was that as soon as he was out, and even as soon as a contraction would end I felt zero pain. It was so rewarding and I am so happy that I did it natural! I even feel great now! (3 days later) I'm not in any pain and didn't tear, so I am recovering great. After my husband caught our son, he handed him to me and we bonded for about 45 minutes until the cord stopped pulsating and my husband cut it. Belinda was so wonderful during the labor and deliver. She just sat on the end of my bed and watched the whole thing, barley even toughing me. It made me feel so strong and confident. She gently told me what has happening and how wonderful I was doing. I will be forever grateful for her service.

I am so SO grateful for my nurse, Frances, and that she recognized that I had hit transition and encouraged me to stick to the birth I wanted.

I am also so, so, so grateful for my mid-wife, Belinda who made Logan as involved as possible and guided him though the process of delivering his son.

I could not have asked for a better birth and am still in shock that it was all over and that I actually did it! Doing it all natural was so important to me and I can not begin to explain the joy and fulfullment it brings to me. With both my children I wanted to go natural, and even though I didn't with my first, I never felt like a failure. The BEST advice I ever received was that you should put as much thought and planning into your birth as possible. Make a birth plan and share it with your provider and partner. But once your labor and deliver being don't expect anything to go that way and be happy no matter!

Thanks Bear for coming to our family! We Love You!
Thanks Belinda for being so wonderful and to all the midwives at Valley Women for Women!

Joyful Momma: Clarissa B.

Bous Birth With Janice

January 17th 2009
Our Little Bundle of Joy

8 days late, but happy and healthy, Bou has finally arrived!!

I cannot tell you how happy Logan and I are. Not only am I happy to FINALLY have our baby girl here with us, but it feels SO good to not be pregnant.

Last week on the 8th Logan and I went to the hospital to be induced. The first step that they did was give me gels to help soften my cervix. After the third does I was in pretty good labor with really hard contractions and decided to get an epidural.

After receiving it, it slowed my labor and I was put on poticin. The poticin gave me really hard contractions but my cervix was not dilating. We were given the option of breaking my water, a C-Section or to go home. After lots of praying, we decided that even though we were very anxious we should go home because she just must not be ready yet. It was a really hard decision but we are glad that we chose to go home. Janice was so supportive and loving.  It was a pretty hard week and my labor was making no progress.

So after being eight days over due we decided to be induced again. We got to the hospital at about 4:30pm. This time the gels worked great again and after my second dose I was in really hard labor. Because of the way that Bou was positioned all of my contractions were in my back. My husband, Logan was so sweet to stay my side and help me through it all. I did a lot of my laboring in the shower with the hot water on my back and Logan held the showerhead for hours. He was so helpful and encouraging. 

Janice was wonderful also, she really helped me to relax and feel confident. After being checked I was at a 5 and wanted an epidural. Once I received it my contractions continued really strong and labor progressed.

After a few hours it was time for me to push! My labor was only 10 hours long with only 1 hour of pushing. Logan got to see the whole thing, and so did I! Our beautiful baby girl arrived at 7:11am weighing 7 pounds 1 ounce and 19.5 inches long. Labor and delivery was just like I thought it would be. It was so much fun and so rewarding. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to do it again! (Pregnancy can wait though!) I think most people enjoy being pregnant and then dread labor, but I was the exact opposite. Labor was the best part for me!  Labor was so so wonderful- it really was so much fun and delivery was even more fun! It took all of my strength and power and was exhausting but seeing her and holding her was all worth it.

Logan and I feel so blessed to have her with us and thank the Lord everyday.

Janice caught our beautiful daughter. She was so wonderful, she had a warm washcloth and massaged and stretch me so I wouldn’t tear, as well as washed our daughters hair as she was crowning.  Once Bou was out she was placed on my chest, skin to skin and we bonded for about 20 minutes before my 
husband cut the cord and the placenta was delivered.

Joyful Momma: Clarissa B.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ready Steady GO !

Welcome! Janice, Diane and Belinda would like introduce you to our practice Blog for Midwives at Valley Women for Women. We hope to continue to connect to the community we serve through this blog, we are hoping for, pictures, birth stories, questions, suggestions and above all to have some fun.